Weekly Conclusion : Linux


 I have been using Linux for almost about two years. I think I am still far away from being a good Linux programmer.Although once I tried to learn how Linux works, I was frightened by the amount of the kernel code. It was said that the Linux kernel had more than 15 million lines of C code. After that, I came up with Scheme and Erlang. After learning some opensource projects of the these two languages, I gradually realised that I hadn’t mastered the way of learning. Though I want to learn something about how linux works, I do not need to read all these lines. Maybe I just need to read not more than 10  thousand lines which is the most concerning part. Now I am not afraid any more. All I need is to learn the outline of Linux first, and then learn how each part of it works. Dividing the big problem into small pieces is always the best way to solve it.

 I suppose that I could not find an internship job in the rest of this month. It totally sucks. Maybe next year I would go to Guangzhou directly. In the last interview, the interviewer told me that there are more companies which use Erlang in Guangzhou. Of course, more relevant jobs are available there.

 From now on, I will make an conclusion every  week, and I will learn to write more blogs with English.  I always beleive that we programmers  need global eyesight. So you have to master two ore more foreign languages in order to communicate with the foreign friends. At present, I can speak some Japanese and I expect to master it in the rest of this year before graduate. In the next five years, I plan to learn Hebrew and French or Spanish.  German is to difficult, not the best option.

Jun 30, 16


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